GetGo® FAQs

  • How can I contact GetGo®?  

    For any general questions or comments about GetGo®, please click here. We want your feedback! Please be as detailed as possible when contacting us.

  • Are GetGo locations open 24 hours?  

    Hours of operation vary by location, and many of our stores are open 24 hours. See the store locator for exact hours by location.

  • Where is my nearest GetGo®?  

    Find your nearest GetGo® location go to Store Locator.

  • Where does GetGo® operate?  

    We are always expanding our locations and operate currently in the Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Columbus areas and other markets throughout Ohio, Maryland and West Virginia.

  • What methods of payment are accepted at GetGo® stores? Can I use Giant Eagle® Gift Cards for my purchases?
    What about "Pay at the Pump"?  

    We accept cash, debit card, the Giant Eagle® fuelperks!® Credit Card, Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Giant Eagle® and GetGo® Gift Cards, WEX, GetFleet Universal, GetFleet Regional, Fuelman and Voyager Cards. Also, all our stations offer "Pay at the Pump" for added convenience.

  • What services does GetGo® offer?  

    GetGo® has all the conveniences to get you going for the day. More than just fuel, we have many of your daily amenities, all at one stop. GetGo® offers the best in high quality fuel, propane exchange, Air/Vac machines and WetGo® Car Washes for your vehicle.

    What's also great about GetGo® is that you will find many of the same services and items that you enjoy at your local Giant Eagle® at GetGo®. Purchase freshly prepared foods and beverages from the GetGo® Kitchen. Enjoy clean and comfortable restrooms as well as safe ATM machines, lottery sales and kiosks. Pick up some evening entertainment at our Redbox® DVD rental area. Even find your favorite gift cards for everyday use or for a special gift.

    Services vary, depending on location.

  • What kind of food does GetGo® sell?  

    GetGo® offers many of the same delicious foods that you love from Giant Eagle®. We have fresh bakery goods featuring cookies, iced cupcakes and donuts. GetGo® coffee compliments all of our baked goods and comes in a variety of blends. In addition, we offer fresh, healthy salads, deli sandwiches, easy kids meals and great combo meal options for adults, too! The GetGo® Kitchen has a variety of food that can be prepared to customer's specifications, using fresh ingredients. GetGo® Kitchen is an easy and convenient way to eat well without sacrificing quality and taste.

  • Can I apply for a Giant Eagle Advantage Card® at the GetGo® station?  

    You can apply for a Giant Eagle Advantage Card® at any Giant Eagle® location, and very soon you'll be able to apply at GetGo® too!

  • How can I apply for a position at GetGo®?  

    You can apply by visiting our Jobs portal and filling out all of the information.

  • Why does Giant Eagle GetGo ® "hold" my funds if I use a debit or credit card at the pump?  

    When gasoline is purchased with a PIN debit card, GetGo requests a "pre-authorization" before beginning the fueling process. This "pre-authorization" assures that GetGo will be paid for the fuel dispensed. The amount "pre-authorized" is the lower of the dollar limit set by the card issuer or up to $129. After fuel is dispensed, GetGo IMMEDIATELY sends a "completion transaction" notice to the card issuer. It is the responsibility of the debit card issuer to reverse the amount that was "pre-authorized" and deduct the actual amount for the fuel purchased as shown on the receipt.

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